Resources from KLRN Education

KLRN PBS Learning Media Clips to use:

Sid’s Holiday Adventure-Part 3 (Grades PreK-1)
Join Sid and his classmates for Run Time with Miss Susie as they discuss the holidays and temperature.

A Cage to Save a Whale (Grades 2-5)
In this Cyberchase video segment, the CyberSquad must estimate the measurements of Spout the Whale in order to find a cage that will fit him. It took 100 short stories and several books worth of writing before Shannon Hale felt worthy to be published

What’s a 360? (Grades 5-8)
In this Cyberchase video segment, Harry tries to snowboard and learns how to measure and identify many common angles.

Landscape Architect (Grades 9-12)
A landscape architect describes how he uses geometry and measurement in landscape design projects.

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