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Learning Measurement and Math Skills this Holiday Season
Yvonne Yates
Director of School Services, KLRN

With the holiday season nearly upon us, I find myself drifting into memories of my mother’s kitchen. The holiday season, was and still is, a time when all the women in my family go into full cooking/baking mode. I learned at a young age how to properly measure the ingredients that went into my mother’s famous cheesecake. I learned to read a scale, measure out dry and wet ingredients. My mom taught me that you need to measure accurately in order to get a yummy result. Cooking and baking continues to be a passion of mine, ask any of my co-workers who blame me for their extra pounds this past year.

As teachers, a struggle that we constantly run into is the “Why are we learning this?” and “When will I EVER use this?” The holiday season is a perfect time to remind students why they need to learn measurement and math skills. Not only will the younger ones want to help in the kitchen but the older ones will be asked to help put up holiday decorations and they will need their math skills to make sure they have enough room and also that the weight of those decorations will not come tumbling down. Why don’t you challenge your students to use what they have learned — through math and science thus far — and come up with a holiday activity or gift for someone? Have children make those real world connections and come back and tell you how they used what they learned in your class to come up with their project.

These next two months race by in the blink of an eye. Teachers are looking for fun ways to not only teach concepts before the holiday vacation but also entertain their student to keep them engaged and not day dreaming of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Visit and look through our extensive teacher resources.

How are you using PBS resources in your classroom? Leave a comment, and let us know what you find helpful. This month’s newsletter will be short, but be on the lookout in January for our next Education e-newsletter.

Resources from KLRN Education

KLRN PBS Learning Media Clips to use:

Sid’s Holiday Adventure-Part 3 (Grades PreK-1)
Join Sid and his classmates for Run Time with Miss Susie as they discuss the holidays and temperature.

A Cage to Save a Whale (Grades 2-5)
In this Cyberchase video segment, the CyberSquad must estimate the measurements of Spout the Whale in order to find a cage that will fit him. It took 100 short stories and several books worth of writing before Shannon Hale felt worthy to be published

What’s a 360? (Grades 5-8)
In this Cyberchase video segment, Harry tries to snowboard and learns how to measure and identify many common angles.

Landscape Architect (Grades 9-12)
A landscape architect describes how he uses geometry and measurement in landscape design projects.