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KLRN: A "Gold Gem" In Our Community
Elisa Resendiz
Former KLRN Manager of Community Engagement

Do you recall what you were doing in September 1962? Or were you even born? This is when your local PBS television station signed on as KLRN. This year KLRN continues to celebrate its 50th anniversary along with the accomplishments and services they have been providing the San Antonio community throughout the years. KLRN’s mission is to “use the power of telecommunications to provide quality programs and services which advance education, culture and community, to enrich the lives of people throughout South Central Texas.” This mission statement is what has guided the station and education department as we serve our community and surrounding areas, all the way to Laredo, Texas.

Twenty years ago when I stepped foot in KLRN, the station was housed at the Institute of Texan Cultures building on the second floor. Back then the education department was a staff of one person. As the years passed by the department grew to two staff members and then three and now the team consists of 10 and is housed in our current building located on Broadway. The education team is comprised of either past educators or individuals who have a passion working with families and children. KLRN provides workshops for parents, grandparents, aunt, uncles, cousins, childcare teachers, school teachers, administrators or anyone that has an interest in helping a child become successful in their formal school careers. The workshops inform the families on the importance of being the child’s first teacher and their home being their first classrooms. KLRN empowers families with early childhood knowledge, learning activities, and materials for them to start working with the child at home. KLRN also provides workshops for teachers and administrators on how they can utilize PBS programming in their classrooms and lesson plans.

For the past 50 years KLRN has provided our community with educational programming and grassroots services. KLRN is considered a “gold gem” in our community to some people and this slogan is well fitting as the symbol for a 50th anniversary is gold. KLRN has touched past generations, present generations, and will reach future generations as well as continue to serve our community and surrounding areas for another 50 years.

Resources from KLRN

KLRN PBS Learning Media clips to use:

Dinosaurs Have Feathers! (Grade PreK-1)
This clip highlights a few different types of dinosaurs that had feathers and shows that each of their feathers were different!

How a Dinosaur Became a Fossil (Grades 3-8)
In this interactive resource adapted from the University of California, Berkeley, Museum of Paleontology, see an animation about how organisms, such as dinosaurs, become part of the fossil record.

Dinosaurs Were Not Special, Just Lucky (Grades 7-12+)
Columbia University paleontologist Steve Brusatte thinks dinosaurs might have been 'just lucky' to have ruled Earth for so long

The Smithsonian Dinosaur Site (Grades K-12+)
Listen to a teacher explain why he thinks the Smithsonian Web site is a good resource.