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We Are Always Learning
Yvonne Yates
Director of School Services, KLRN

Summer is nearly upon us and as the last tests are taken and students are saying their goodbyes, KLRN encourages teachers, students and parents to remember that learning does not stop during the summer months.

There are many opportunities around San Antonio to continue the thirst for knowledge. Check out a few of these this summer and let us know about what you learned.
Have a wonderful summer! Enjoy the fun in the sun, and see you all in August!

Resources for KLRN Education

KLRN PBS Learning Media Clips to use:

Summer Is Fun in Alaska (Grade K-2)
This video segment from Between the Lions features kids from Alaska who show their favorite summer games and activities.

Summer Treat Wave (Grade 1-5)
It’s a sweltering hot day, so the Lunch Lab gang makes a summer treat that is full of calcium. Professor Fizzy explains how dairy products are good sources of calcium and great for growing bones.

Capital Building in Summer (Grade 6-12)
This Building Block video shows trees and building lining the edge of a reflecting pool. The camera pans right to reveals the Capital Building and the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial around which distant tourists wander under dark skies.